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New Podcast!

Fabian Meyer-Brötz and Joseph Druther unpack the nitty gritty details of the costs, planning, and benefits of investing in 3D printed homes.

They also workshop how a small business can incorporate this disruptive technology into their business.

Our accomplices on this journey include Fabian Meyer-Brötz — the head of 3D printing for Peri — a family owned global leading company in construction scaffolding and Joseph Druther — an American small business contractor and investor uninspired by the dogma and lack of vision in the construction industry looking for a better way.

Can this, will this — change the world???

So why is this important?

Beyond the obvious skyrocking lumber prices, supply chain problems, labor shortages, and houses that blow away or you can poke a screwdriver through…

What is sustainability?

Is this a word used to sell you more stuff? Does it mean the same thing, materials, processes, etc in different parts of the world?

You can’t throw a stone in a German village without hitting a living green roof, but

should we be building a so-called green roof in Colorado or normal roofs in general that are planned to be replaced in 15–25 years?

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Thanks again to Fabian and Joseph to help us unpack this on our Summit Roundtable.

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