Beyond Exercises: Review of Free Yoga Online

Take a good hard look and minus the commute and save time.

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Physical Therapist Curated — Lonely Island Approved

Don’t worry about finding a class and commuting there. Make it easy on yourself to do something that might change your life in the comfort of your own home. On a laptop, phone, ipad, astral projection.

1. Yoga for Runners!

  • Quick 20 min practice
  • Stretching & strengthening power combo to be prepared for running
  • Not a cool down or stretch out after a long run
  • Enough lunges to count as one strength session for the week.

No nautical themed pashmina afgan, but this teacher wears a catsuit so you can observe exactly what her body is doing to learn the poses.

2. Chill Gentle Yoga: 20 min.

  • 18 million youtube views! She wins with her gentle voice without syrup.
  • Not really for beginners — Just an easy flow.
  • Could be good for a bedtime routine

Let Yoga help you Get Straight flowing on a boat on the deep blue sea of sleep!

3. Morning Yoga: Get Ready for a Morning wod, run, or gym sesh

  • For the gents
  • Be the king of the world with this morning stretch out
  • Super direct videos, no fluff, no frills!

4. 30 Min Intermediate Level “Flow” (moving with the breath):

  • Not for very beginners.
  • No nonsense great verbal descriptions. If you like really specific directions.
  • No bells or smells but a great “yoga” experience.

I’m on a boat! Well, a boat pier with a dude with a nice voice and great advice on how to do yoga safely.

5. Women’s Health/ Pelvic Floor “Opening” 1 hour Yoga taught by Physical Therapist

  • For the ladies
  • An entire series with a focus on getting in touch with the pelvic floor
  • Gonna fly this boat to the moon by slowing down and relaxing

Best of 2018 Yoga Apps

Free Trial or In- App Purchases

Check out one of these 16 Apps and see what you are like. But remember, an app is only good if you actually use it!

Pro Tip: Pair your use of the app with something you already have an established habit around and start with very small manageable goals. Ex: Do 5 min of yoga a day right after you brush your teeth, or right before and your fresh minty breath is your reward for maintaining your joints.

Even 5 min a day works to maintain the health of your joints!

If you are on the shore not doing yoga you sure ain’t mee-yo!

Not Free: But this ain’t Seaworld, this is as real as it gets

1. Dirty Yoga.

For those afraid of farting in class. In front of all the girls. For those who want to sweat a little, avoid pretzel poses, and do not want to catch veganism.

Bring on the sausage!

To try 28 day access to the “beginner yoga” click here. It’s $15, cause skin in the game helps you stay honest.

2. Yoga Glo.

The granddaddy of yoga apps. Thousands of classes filmed live in Santa Monica for an internet audience. Dozens of high quality teachers and thousands of classes so you can find what you like and what you need any given day. Try the 15 day trial.

You might not be able to ride on dolphins, but there’s yoga class on here for doing flips!


Not Exactly Yoga, But will Make the Last 10 min of your Yoga Practice Make so Much More Sense

I used to treat yoga just as exercise cause it’s so crisp.

Then I took off my flippie floppies and learned how to supercharge my yoga practice with the positive mind-body effects of sprinkling in some mindfulness/meditation.

1. 10% Happier

Mindfulness meditation app with actual video from ABC Journalist Dan Harris. He wrote a book called Meditation For Fidgety Skeptics. That says everything. Try the 7 day free trial. A little stretching included.

This boat engine makes noise with a weekly podcast with bright and ambitious guests and chill ones like the Dali Lama.

2. Waking Up

Another mindfulness app from America’s most disagreeable philosopher and neuroscientist Sam Harris. Maybe you’ll gain the clarity to see how you should “pull the goalie” with his app.

Check out Sam talking to Joe Rogan about a meditation retreat that helps him stop getting stuck flipping copies in his brain when arguing against Jordan Peterson.

What’s up with white dudes named Harris creating secular science-based meditation apps?

3. Headspace

If you like your mental pushups to come with a British voice, then headspace with it’s 10 free lessons is a sure fit! It’s got lesson plans, a curriculum, animations and guided meditations to help you learn how to train your own mind.

Learn how to take a picture of your reactions to stress so they don’t spiral into pain, anxiety, or depression.

Yoga, like most things is what you make of it. Don’t be deceived into thinking you have to be a pretzel or swallow some chakras to join the community.

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💖Crave the Planet



Evangelist for sustainable investing. Mom to two gorgeous girls. Wife of a Rebel. Doctor of Physio. Former sailor. Founder of

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Morgan Fielder

Evangelist for sustainable investing. Mom to two gorgeous girls. Wife of a Rebel. Doctor of Physio. Former sailor. Founder of