Hiking in the Alps

You deserve an adventure in the Bavarian Alps and this is how I’m planning it to rebound from the start of school. The mountains call in September.

Seeking Stillness from a Hike, After the Start of School

I love connecting with my daughter with time spent moving through the Great Outdoors, especially hiking in the Alps. It’s the great escape from so many things, including middle school drama. …

She wondered what it was like to die. More specifically, she wanted to know what it felt like to want to die.

Was the urge similar to a dog chewing it’s bone? That deep, gnawing desire to pull apart the tube of rawhide into small shards that taste, smell and…

Is 3-D concrete printing houses the way of the future? We explore the nuances of it’s potential to disrupt the construction market, carbon footprint, and our guests’ connection to the Great Outdoors.

We also have some killer conversation on how to make Martian concrete! Helicopter pilot & investor James Gray

Laugh with us as comedian Charlie Berens and “Crypto-for-Carbon” startup founder Paul Gambill explore how communication & investing with farmers could be the key to removing carbon from the sky and storing it in productive, profitable soil to benefit investors, farmers and the planet.

On this Summit Roundtable we discuss the ROI of converting a farm from conventional to regenerative ag, how there’s an elegant solution to transfer wealth from large urban corporations to rural farmers, effective communications strategies to connect to farmers, and how we might solve political partisanship with a game of…

Morgan Fielder

Evangelist for sustainable investing. Mom to two gorgeous girls. Wife of a Rebel. Doctor of Physio. Former sailor. Founder of sustainableinvestorsgroup.com.

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